Updates about John Griebsch and Aerias, his aerial photography series

>November 2018 

Rochester Contemporary Art Center -
Members' show opening December 7

COS Stores
, a upscale London retailer, has selected some of the work to feature
on the website with the headline: "Discover a collection of things that  inspire us from around the world... "  
       The link:   https://www.cosstores.en_usd/explore/

>  Adirondack Life Magazine Cover and seven-page portfolio of winter aerial photography featured in January / February 2014 issue  


>  Lenswork Extended Magazine 109 Portfolio of aerial photographs and interview with Brooks Jensen featured in December 2013 issue   

 Click here for link to download the LensWork interview with Brooks Jensen


>  Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport CA  December 2013 Works from the Aerias collection now available at the Susan Spiritus  Gallery 


>  64th Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition  Three 30x40 photographs selected for exhibition July-October 2013 at the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.


>  Excerpt from Rochester City Newspaper article on 64th Rochester Finger Lakes Show by Rebecca Rafferty: "John Griebsch also explores the way humans have marked the earth, by photographing evidence of industry from his 1952 Cessna. If you think your photography supplies are pricey, imagine factoring in gas for enough flights to get the shot right. In "Steel Mill and Water Truck —Gary, Indiana USA," Griebsch captures the rusty maze of a steel mill, cut with a fluffy puff of smoke that actually seems clean by comparison. In his two other photographs, of quarries, he captures the shadowed-and-lit patchwork of dissected land, the stitches of tire tracks, and dried trails from the flow of water which reveal something of the topography."


> Carrie Haddad Gallery - Aerial photographs exhibited at Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, New York