Iron Ore Piles - Gary, Indiana, USA  Limestone Quarry - near Kankakee, Illinois, USA  Quarry Red Tail near Kankakee, Illinois, USA  Moving Mountains - 4836Moving Mountains - 4840Moving Mountains - 4838  Moving Mountains - 4816Quarry Squares near Auburn, NY, USA   Quarry near Louisburg, North Carolina, USA  Quarry Ramps - Oriskany Falls, New York, USA  Steel Mill and Water Truck - Gary, Indiana USA  Field of Large Steel Plates and Large Loader - Gary, Indiana USA  259BW Quarry Corner with Stone Wall near Clyde, NY USAShipping Containers - Port of Tacoma,WA USA   Car Crush - New Ringgold, PennsylvaniaAutomobile Heaven near Martinsville, PA USAShipping Containers - Mississippi River near New Orleans, LA Log Circle at a Paper Mill near Seaboard, NC, USA  George Washington Bridge, New York, New York, USA  Hudson River Barge and Transmission Line near Peekskill, New York USABear Mountain Bridge near Peekskill, New York USAMid-Hudson Bridge and Large Boat   Pigment Factory - Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA